Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Attention Hound

Up close and personal is the best way to know someone and that was definitely the motto of Erin. She believed in being near humans and soaking up the love and affection of those around her. Never one to shy away from getting stroked on the head or having those long droopy ears massaged, she preferred human interaction over canine companionship. While enjoying a romp in the mud with her doggie brethren or a game of tug of war, it was laying at the feet of her human admirers and being the recipient of all that undivided attention that fueled her flame. As her fellow canines stayed amongst themselves or remained aloof in a corner, Erin could usually be found within an arms reach of her designated target. This was a primary reason why Erin found herself so popular with the two-legged population.

Often she would rise from her doggie bed and stroll over to the couch where she would shove her snout into my face or position her head directly under my dangling hand, where she would be guaranteed a head caressing. She was never much on licking humans in the face but instead she parted her lips where I planted little pecks all over her mouth area. This is how I remember my grandmother kissing me so this ingrained method of smooching was how I bombarded Erin until a broad smile swept across her face. Her beaming face could light up an entire city block with its radiance of love.

Never was it embarrassing for Erin to wander over to a nearby table or up to another source of amour. If someone gave her the least bit of attention or made eye contact, she'd be over yearning for more and eventually she'd plop down by whoever was loving on her until I called her back. Leave her with strangers long enough and they'd be rubbing her belly or feeding her food off their plates, which  to her was another perk of dispensing love to complete strangers. My girl knew who liked her and gravitated their way for some physical contact but rarely did I get jealous cause if there was anything Erin possessed it was love and she had enough for this entire world.

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