Monday, January 24, 2011

Angel in Fur

                Angel in Fur

From the beginning to the very end
You were always a faithful friend
It’s impossible to find truer love
As you were sent from heaven above

As a puppy you entered my life
Where you helped ease the strife
Together over the days and years
We shared so many smiles and tears

Side by side step by step
At friendship you were adept
Never once did you fail to inspire
Even as situations became dire

Through thick and thin
You always had a paw to lend
Over the miles across the sea
You never wavered in loyalty

You possessed beauty inside and out
Charm and charisma were never in doubt
That beaming smile lit up the sky
It was so difficult to say goodbye

Wish we had another day
As there’s much love to convey
Yearn for another night
So I could embrace you tight

Soon we’ll be together again
Oh how I miss you my friend
Keep a constant watch over me
Our love’s flame will burn eternally

Erin Oct 1998 – Aug 2010

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