Friday, January 7, 2011

Everything for Love

With the passing of a loved one, it's natural to dissect the relationship and to determine if you did everything  feasibly possible for the departed. It's been several months since Erin made the journey from her physical form and our time together has been replaying in my mind constantly as I search for answers to the haunting question..."Did I do everything in the best interest of Erin?" From puppyhood to the moment she took her last gasp of air, those scenes have been rewound mentally as clues are sought to verify whether I was worthy of Erin's devotion and unwavering love. With death comes no more cherished memories to be added to the collection stored away in a recess of the mind so it becomes pertinent that time was not wasted while the deceased were among us.

Pets do not have the luxury of selecting whom they spend their life's with as humans make that decision for them and the least we can do is give them a comfortable existence. When I opted to bring a dog into my life, it was my plan to give that fur friend a life of love and unlimited opportunities of adventure and companionship. Flashing back with pride, I can honestly state Erin had an incredible life full of love, friendship, experiences and travel opportunities. From her early years, she was affixed to my side as we frequented pet friendly locations and parks in the Savannah area. As she matured and developed obedience skills if I made a public appearance, be sure there was a leash in my hand with an English Springer Spaniel at the other end. From living abroad in Europe, service as a therapy dog, church attendee, and a stint as a stage performer, Erin led a remarkable life that few other dogs have.

Employment opportunities, housing situations, social events, friendships, and even religious services were selected based on the presence of Erin in my life and all other aspects of my daily grind were scheduled around my four-legged friend. There are always circumstances and situations that we wish could be erased, reversed or altered but there's no revisions in life and we either accept what took place or feel remorse til the bitter end. In reflection, I feel pride and satisfaction at the life shared with Erin, she was given every opportunity to excel and we had so many years to enjoy each other's friendship. My dedication and commitment to Erin was always strong and can never be questioned as she led a Dream Life. I loved her without limits while providing companionship to the last beat of her heart and I'm so proud of that fact!! RIP Erin!! Daddy misses you dearly!!


  1. Hi David,
    I'm so sorry to read about the loss of Erin. She sounds like a remarkable companion. I'm confident she watches over you from above...
    Take heart all will be well.
    Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog post.
    PS. also following you via my other blog on GFC

  2. I'm sure she thought you did just fine as a Daddy. I do find it interesting we mourn animal companions as we mourn our human counterparts. I've found myself, quite often, wondering if I did enough to make Mom comfortable on her deathbed, if I did enough to protect her from my psychotic family members, if she really knew how much she meant to me.

  3. May erin sould rest in peace....See the same with my case too...gimmy....i loved him to my heart....i was 15 years when gimmy left....i cried a lot listening the news...i was in other country and could not reach it even to see gimmy for the last tym....but gimmy memories stay deep in my heart....untouched for years


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