Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Million Little Things

Since you've departed this world I miss a million little things. There's not one aspect of our time together that I don't crave nor is there an individual trait which I don't yearn for. I miss it all.

I miss your love. I miss your friendship. I miss your companionship. I miss your loyalty. I miss your zeal for life. I miss your gentle soul. I miss your playful nature. I miss your relaxed personality. I miss your passion for simple pleasures. I miss your snoring. I miss your messy drinking habits. I miss your tufts of hair scattered about. I miss your tugging on the leash. I miss your clanking of dog tags. I miss your paw shakes for treats. I miss you falling asleep upon my lap. I miss you laying in mud puddles. I miss you squirrel stalking. I miss your head poking into fridge. I miss you toying with frogs. I miss your profile in the rear view car mirror. I miss you greeting other dogs. I miss your circling before lying down. I miss your occasional bark. I miss your blurred tail wag. I miss your toothy grin. I miss your food gobbling. I miss your stopping at familiar doors.

I miss your love of peanut butter. I miss your skill at hide and seek. I miss you chasing prey while asleep. I miss your warmth while we sleep. I miss your floppy ears. I miss your stare downs with cats. I miss you seeking hidden food. I miss your ease with children. I miss your deep hugs. I miss you carrying treats outside. I miss your crossing of legs while relaxing. I miss your paw prints across the floor. I miss your sneezes. I miss your nudging doors open. I miss your head peeking around shower curtain. I miss your licking of lips. I miss you galloping inside as I arrive home. I miss your well worn paths in the backyard. I miss your swimming pool lounging. I miss your ability to make people smile. I miss you pawing my hand for attention. I miss your connection with nature. I miss you following me from room to room. I miss your dislike of veggies.

I miss you shaking yourself dry. I miss you scaling fences as a youngster. I miss your gift of forgiveness. I miss you acting shy. I miss your ears moving as they detect sound. I miss you wooing strangers for food. I miss your leaning against legs. I miss our pillow and cover time. I miss your days at doggie daycare. I miss your skill as a therapy dog. I miss you covered with snow. I miss your incredible memory. I miss your tolerance with puppies. I miss your soulful eyes. I miss you traveling Europe. I miss your gorgeous soft coat. I miss your curiosity. I miss your Sundays at church. I miss your love of people. I miss you sitting on feet. I miss you chewing my books. I miss your friendly demeanor. I miss you never showing anger. I miss your zest for belly rubs. I miss you running along the beach. I miss your dog park days. I miss you missing me.

Erin, I miss everything since your departure but most of all....I MISS YOU!!!!

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  1. before we bought lucky....we had another one named died around five years ago...i just couldn't help out....i was fully indulged in his memories....but lucky came and filled colors of fun....though we still cannot forget gimmy....we see gimmy in the name of lucky....

    miss u gimmy...

    heart touching post...


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