Saturday, May 26, 2012

Are you Worthy of Love?

While relaxing in a German cafe with Erin I spotted this gem of a quote in the local newspaper. The words were read over and over as seemingly the author had us in mind when those words of love and devotion were penned...Never has there been a more faithful companion than Erin while I ensured she had much love and friendship. The quote was inconspicuously removed and slid into my wallet where it remained for nearly a decade. From that day forward whenever my wallet was opened I was reminded of Erin's unwavering loyalty, my responsibility to her, and the special creature that is Dog

A dog's love and commitment is a precious gift to mankind and they deserve the same in return but too often the dog gets the short end of the stick. Even when neglected, abandoned, and abused dogs maintain the ability to love and that says so much about the species as a whole...Their lifespan is short yet those days are spent enriching the lives of the human race so why would we not want to repay them. I was Erin's life while it's equally true that she was mine as my world revolved around her but I wouldn't have had it any other way. I'm confident I was worthy of Erin's steadfast devotion while these days I'm doing all I can to prove my worth to Cody!! 

This quote which I hold so dearly was written with dogs in mind but it could easily have been written about cats, bunnies, horses, birds, hamsters, goats or any other animal that puts a smile on our faces. The animal kingdom deserves nothing less than our respect, friendship, and love instead of being a prisoner in a cage or backyard with little social interaction!! 

Are you worthy of your animal's faithfulness and love?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Mother's Love

Mother's Day is a time for reflection. A time to remember the sacrifices she makes, the wisdom she dispenses, and a love that never ceases to amaze!! I've been blessed to have a loving supportive Mom whom steadfastly believes in me even when my own faith is lacking, she picks me up, brushes me off and puts me back on track. The death of Erin was a devastating blow to my life...Everything I loved was suddenly taken away and for the first time I felt utterly alone. This was undoubtedly the most difficult period of my life but thankfully I had someone to show me the way.

I hadn't cried in front of my mother in eons but seemingly every night I was bawling on her living room couch...Streams of tears flowed down my cheeks while she sat close providing emotional support and a shoulder to lean on. Mom read bible verses, spoke of folks who loved Erin and the hearts she touched but in a state of shock I questioned her death and the meaning of life. Often no words were spoken, she simply watched me consumed with grief and sorrow. Her presence was all I required at times as I didn't want to be alone and she understood that so we just sat there and stared out the window until words and tears returned. I felt like a little boy scared and confused but Mom made everything better just as she'd done many times before.

A loving mother carries the burden of her children and I was fully aware that Mom pained as she observed me spiraling downward though she'd never admit it. She loved Erin like one of her kids as they spent much time together and while Mom shed tears a rock she remained for me. Intimate thoughts and feelings were shared and recollections of Erin brought a smile to our faces, dormant memories were brought to light and we agreed that she had the life that other dogs dream of. Mom offered encouragement, advice, and knew what buttons to push as I dealt with life without my fur angel...With her support I began writing as a form of therapy and ultimately this saved my life as I truly felt like giving up.

Mom always had my best interests at heart and that love was extended to Erin throughout the years. She often referred to Erin as her Granddog when meeting folks on daily walks and actually treated her as part of the family. Thick ham bones and slices of meat magically appeared in my frig as part of Mom's master plan to spoil Erin rotten which she did a great job of. My parents dog wasn't allowed inside their house but my mom insisted Erin accompany me inside much to the chagrin of Dad. Erin and me were so blessed to have an amazing lady watching over us and that love continues today with Cody.

A Mother's love knows no boundaries and no one knows that better than me!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Hooked on Fishing

The water is calm except for the lure skimming the surface of the canal. Repeatedly it's cast outward then reeled towards me in an effort to entice the fish lurking below to strike but on this morning the only thing biting are the gnats. Erin has wandered off in pursuit of squirrels and other pleasures as she often does when we go fishing and before long I notice her heading in my direction. "Been exploring good girl?" With a wag of her tail she makes her way over to my side and it's at that point I notice something isn't right; there's a splash of vibrant color in a patch of brown fur. Upon closer examination I realize a yellow fishing lure has penetrated her flesh and is swinging like a pendulum upon movement. Concern and anger consume me as removal is attempted but it's much too deep to get out thus a flurry of profanity is unleashed on the world.

On cue my cousin emerges from an overgrown pathway with his head down and "guilty" clearly written across his forehead. All I desired was the truth and the incident would be forgotten but Matthew vowed innocence like a typical teenager when pressed on the issue. Sheepishly he stated Erin didn't wander down to his fishing hole, had no idea how Erin got injured and we both knew that was an outright lie so a barrage of questions and accusations were heaped upon him. With my disappointment made clear a call was placed to the vets office to inform them that I would be there shortly with Erin...Something tells me they were snickering when the conversation ended.

The bright yellow lure was quite an attraction for the vet's staff and folks in the waiting area...Guess it isn't everyday that a dog gets snagged by a fisherman. We were led to a small room where Erin was hoisted onto a stainless steel examination table for a closer look by Dr. H whom remarked that the hook would be out in a few minutes. An injection for pain plus a few snips was all it took to remove the embedded barb then he placed it in a medicine vial so I'd have a memento of the eventful day. Along the way he cracked a few jokes to lighten the mood which was helpful as I was stressed which was in contrast to Erin whom was happy-go-lucky as always.

Matthew saw the light with help from his mom and offered a tearful apology which was gladly accepted. The following day and many many days after we went fishing and thankfully something other than my girl was caught....It was an unfortunate incident but I'll always remember the day Erin got hooked.

Friday, May 4, 2012

This Moment - Fracture

A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week or day or experiences . A simple moment….extraordinary moment… a moment where one can just be. A moment in time where I can pause…savor… and remember.

This Moment is a ritual found on Life inspired by the Wee Man adopted from SouleMama which was introduced to me by Sarah-Jane of Samuel Michaels Photography. If you would like to participate….. then post your picture on a Friday and leave your link in the comment section and above so that I and others can visit you as well.