Thursday, December 30, 2010

Simple Pleasures

A common sight in the downtown Savannah was Erin peering upwards as she scanned the ancient noble oak trees for lurking squirrels. Tirelessly she scoped out the drooping branches and massive trunks for any indication of the bushy tailed varmints and usually she wasn't disappointed. Eventually one would wander down in search of food or a pair could be spotted playing chase high above, all oblivious to the canine who would've given anything to join in the hi jinks. Many days the squirrel activity was nonstop thus Erin had hours of entertainment compliments of mother nature.

The squirrels would often wander down from the tree and usually meandered a few feet before Erin decided to chase them back to safety and it's from that position the irritated fur toys would taunt her. Unbeknown to the squirrels was Erin's patience and dedication to the task of stalking and she scurried her object of attention up the tree time and time again. This game of pursuit would continue until the frustrated squirrel realized it had no chance at foraging without harassment and you could see it leap to another tree where there would be better feeding opportunities.

For Erin this instinct passed down from generations of Springers pursuing game around the globe was honed and it was impossible to contain that passion and the thought never crossed my mind. A broad smile, rapidly wagging tail, and unbridled perseverance were her trademarks of squirrel stalking in the numerous squares or Colonial Cemetery and those traits never diminished over the years. Watching Erin interact with squirrels brought me nearly as much joy as she experienced, if she was happy then I was happy. Tourists often stopped in their tracks to observe and take photos of Erin stalking the elusive prey, they found it so entertaining to watch the lovable dog dart off in the direction of a squirrel, then promptly return when called.

I'm hoping Doggie Heaven has an ample amount of squirrels for Erin to chase and  her toothy grin never disappears from that beautiful face. Personally, I'm looking forward to that day when I can lay by Erin's side in the lush grass of paradise and for an eternity, we'll gaze up into the trees watching her long-tailed nemesis.


  1. Very touching and thoughtful story that I love to read and to share with.

  2. Neneng, Thank you for your kind words!! David


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