Saturday, December 25, 2010

Shunned at Xmas

It's Christmas morning and I'm all alone, both physically and emotionally. Due to the contagious virus  harboring deep inside me, the family has voted me off the island or in layman terms, forbid me from attending the annual family Christmas gathering. Before I was informed of the decision, it was something I was already contemplating due to the fragility of my young nephew Brennen and it's the correct decision as my ride home from the hospital is now very ill and vomiting uncontrollably. Feel so sorry for my cousin as he did my mother a favor and a trip to the emergency room is a real possibility. Pray that the bug doesn't spread any further!!
Wasting time at Starbucks, drinking large amounts of coffee and taking advantage of their free wifi. Not sure how long I'll spend here as my body aches all over and it seems like I be hugging the commode very soon.

Miss my girl Erin but there's nothing I can do. Shed a few tears as I reflect upon the past dozen Christmases together, they are tears of joy and sadness. I was so blessed to have been part of such a loving relationship but always yearn for more time. Very few people devote their love, passion, time, and money into a animal as I did for Erin and that's why the loss hurts so much. As my mother said "You put all your eggs in one basket" and I definitely did that but Erin deserved nothing less as she was beyond loyal. Not sure what the future holds in terms of dog ownership, at this junction I'm not actively seeking a dog but on occasions I'll sneak a peek at the canines online. I saw a German Shepard the other day and it had soulful eyes like Erin's and I thought that would be a good dog. For me it's all about the eyes...expressive, reflective and loving.

Hope everyone around the world has a Merry Christmas and may the world find peace in their hearts!!!

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