Friday, February 4, 2011

My Angel

My guardian angel was sent from above in the form of a liver and white floppy eared puppy. Erin arrived at precisely the moment of my life when I was at the lowest of lows and was desperately in need of a loyal loving friend. She rescued me from the depths of self- inflicted purgatory, placed me on the path to redemption, and led me through numerous pitfalls that humans encounter on a daily basis. Over the years if there was anything I could rely upon it was Erin’s unwavering love and friendship, she remained a beacon of faithfulness despite whatever shortcomings was displayed.

It’s my belief that angels appear in all shapes and forms to guide and assist the human race as needed, they have an assigned task to accomplish before returning to the company of God. Everyone has angels at some point and often fail to recognize the ethereal being in their presence until years later but not so for me. As Erin lounged upon her doggie bed while gazing upwards, we’d make eye contact and occasionally I’d inquire if she was sent here to rescue me. Those soulful gentle eyes continued to melt my insides as she seemed to say “You found me out” and then I’d call her over for some well-earned TLC.

Erin was too special of a dog to be born out of an ordinary litter but instead was forged at the hands of my great creator. Before my furry cherub arrived, there was no desire to get involved with the church on a regular basis, give up my precious time to help the less fortunate, or bring a much needed smile to the downtrodden but she delivered these opportunities to my doorstep. So many experiences, so many memories and so many friendships occurred solely because she nudged me in the right direction and kept on nudging until the correct decision was made.

Erin entering my heart was life altering while very possibly life-saving and it’s doubtful another event will be as impactful to me or those in my life circle. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’d be alive if not for her love and inspiration over the years, she certainly played a major role as I redirected my life in a more positive manner. It’s very sad and disheartening as I journey on in life without her by my side but that must mean the mission to leave a permanent paw print upon me was complete. She befriended so many over the years and her impact upon their life’s are immeasurable but her greatest asset was as a guardian angel to one despondent man. Praying Erin’s life lessons will continue to guide me but no doubt, her unwavering love will never cease to inspire me.

Erin, thank you for everything!! RIP!!

 Like bells and trumpets,
violins, cellos, flutes, and drums,
The angel’s voices resonate throughout
our souls and play into our lives.


  1. great piece, i've two hounds and they are very special in our lives, we dread the time that they'll leave us, as they're both very old .. thanks

  2. Actually is really difficult, when my tom cat died I stayed so sad because I took care of him it was just like a member of a family.

  3. Losing a beloved pet is really difficult and it's hard to carry on in life. Thanks for your comments and may your heart be lifted now and in the future!!

  4. yes Dav...thats true...loosing a beloved pet sucks. it becomes very hard to carry on further....
    nice write......

  5. Lovely post David! Look forward to reading more from you...

  6. David, I have an old black lab who adores me. I sometime think of the day when he'll depart from here, and the very thought makes me sad.
    I lost a cat last year that had also been with me for a long time, and it was devastating to lose him. Grief over a beloved pet is hard to bear.
    You keep Erin's love alive so beautifully.
    What an angel!

  7. touching post, I too have a pet and know how you feel. She is a Dalmatian named Sparky and I adore her.
    Am following you now. I am at

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