Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The six month anniversary since Erin passed away is staring me down while weighing upon my shoulders like a ton of bricks. It's still hard to believe she shed her physical shell and is now pursuing squirrels through billowy white clouds high above. Surreal is the perfect word to describe how I feel about the entire ugly episode as my life definitely feels out of balance and belonging to someone else. Pieces of the puzzle are still missing and honestly I don't know if they will ever be recovered, maybe life will be fractured until the very end. It's possible when someone suffers a tremendous loss, the departed carry a portion of the survivor’s heart to the other side and it will be returned as the two parties reunite under a blanket of love.

What I do know is my life was enriched for knowing and loving Erin and despite the million tears cried over her absence, our years together was the happiest time of my life. I'm positive that the nearly 12 year relationship with my beloved fur friend will be the gold standard upon which all future relationships are judged. Love will wander into my life in the days ahead and whether she has two or four feet remains the question but it will be difficult to not compare them to the blissful days of yore. When one finds true elation with a creature, it's only natural to expect ensuing loves to measure up to that benchmark but it will be a formidable task to equal what was shared with Erin.

I often wonder if Erin can hear me as her name is spoken aloud and in silence. The many good times we experienced are recalled with regularity and I apologize for being unable to save her life but there’s no one who was capable of that feat expect God and he wanted her back in his kingdom. She served her purpose on earth as I was rescued from self-destruction and so many others were touched during her years as a therapy dog, it’s only right that her creator would want such a loving loyal companion near his throne. There’s nothing I desire more than seeing Erin’s face as my heart ceases to beat, it would be so glorious to see her and Nana welcoming me home but there’s more living to be had so that sight will have to wait until nature runs its course. My fur angel continues to inspire me as time elapses and it’s amazing how much she remains in peoples thoughts. RIP Erin!!!

The one best place to bury a good dog is in the heart of her master…


  1. RIP Erin - but let me tell you Davind - Erin will be back - time and time again in your life - you may or may not realize it - but Erin will be back..

  2. Each day is a step towards healing, David.I believe that our loved ones never go away completely, their love surrounds us and they keep a watch over us, to make sure we are okay. They cry with us so lets not make them sad. Smile and remember Erin.

  3. Thanks for the comforting words!! I do feel Erin's presence once in awhile and believe she will keep tabs on me forever. I constantly speak to her and light a candle every evening in her remembrance while showing the path home. Smiles nuch more than tears!!!


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