Monday, February 28, 2011

Gone but not forgotten

As I continue on with life, it's amazing the number of people who approach me to inquire about Erin's whereabouts or check on the status of her health. "Out of sight out of mind" is an old expression that is often used whenever someone is removed from the public spotlight but obviously that doesn't apply to beloved animals. Without any prompts or cues, distant friends and mere acquaintances in passing ask where she is or how she's getting along and that is touching in many ways mainly because she has been gone for six months now. Even folks who know neither my name nor her name ask for information regarding my constant companion, she was a true dog about town. On a weekly basis, someone surprises me with an Erin inquiry and these days it's not expected at all as there is little mention of her from me in daily conversation.

I'm guessing everybody is surprised to see me in public without Erin or the impression she made upon their life's is so great that forgetting her is an impossible task, either way it's flattering that she is remembered so far removed from August 16. Unfortunately, I have to inform them of her sudden passing but it's okay as she didn't suffer while leading a fabulous life unmatched by very few canines. As months on the calendar elapse and days become a blur, I expect her face and memories to fade as those who have gone before but it would not surprise me to hear her name occasionally uttered on the wind as her net was cast wide and deep. She was a special unique dog who befriended and loved many and that is evident based upon the continued response to her absence in this world. Erin would be so thrilled at the ongoing attention paid to her by those who knew her afar and I believe that we should all be so lucky to live on in the memories and hearts of so many. RIP Erin!!

"To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die." ~ Thomas Campbell

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  1. WOw...Erin was a beautiful blessing for so many! I loved the's so true...Erin remains alive by the memories she created-for you and for so many whose hearts she touched.

    I loved the picture...she was so majestic!


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