Friday, April 29, 2011

Question of Faith

My faith in the wake of Erin's passing was given close scrutiny, everything I knew or thought I knew about God was examined from every angle. Religious aspects were not alone under the microscope; they joined family, friends, society, attending veterinarians and most of all...myself. Out of pain, sorrow, and grief must come clarity and a reason for why she perished; answers had to be discovered and somebody had to bear the brunt of my scorn. For me it's not enough that she passed away but who is responsible for snatching her away from me and could anything be done to prevent that unfortunate event.

I believe that God breathes life into every living creature inhabiting this planet and without his blessing we would all fail to exist; that's my belief, the doctrine I maintain and for myself it's what I put my faith into. Erin was supposed to live forever or at least that was my intent, never was any thought given to her demise, my life revolved around enjoying every day with her and not looking forward to a future alone. After the initial shock and grief of death comes the realization that something bigger must keep me afloat or succumb to temptation, there are many traps on the path to enlightenment and many have dire consequences for me.

I've read in articles on grief that the grieving often lash out at God and religion for the deaths of their loved ones but I didn't take this approach of anger and instead my sorrow galvanized my bond with Christ. Answers have been sought out but never has there been any fits of rage where I cussed or belittled my creator for the position I currently find myself, he has a plan and in that my trust is placed. My spiritual response is one of thanks for nearly 12 fabulous years, I feel incredibly blessed in my relationship with Erin, it was the pinnacle of my life, and I'm grateful to God for the cherished time together. Often I let him know how thankful I feel for everything, to please watch over her until the glorious day of my arrival, and to sprinkle glimmers of her presence onto my life.

My eternal reunion with Erin hinges solely upon my relationship with God and the only avenue to one is via the other. As touched upon in other posts, I truly believe that beloved pets are in heaven awaiting our arrival and while the details are unknown to mere mortals, if he desires animals in heaven then they will be there. Prayer and times of reflection bring me closer to God and in these moments of solace I also feel a connection to Erin, pictures of them together brings comfort during stormy times. When everyone else deserts me it's good to know I can put my faith in the all-mighty, instead of fleeing from him I sought him out to gain courage for the prolonged battle.

Sometimes it appears that God's grace is the only reason that I'm still alive, there are many times when I question myself, my life moving forward without Erin, and whether I even want to keep living but breathe I continue as my desire to live outstrips my longing to fall asleep forever. In states of grief I've often asked God why he chose Erin as it wasn't her time, she had much more to accomplish, a dream vacation to Maine was planned, it's not fair to anyone involved, etc. Questions abound regarding her passing and my life but I've never doubted God's plan for me and I'm positive he will bless me again in the future. All I do is for him and in memory of Erin!!

Philippians 4:13 - I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me


  1. I honestly feel you have all the faith in you David so I guess you will find that kind of happiness again just like the one that you have had with Erin, though nothing can ever replace her in your heart but still moving on perhaps will make Erin, who's now watching you from up there, happy and satisfied.... Thanks..:)

  2. God always has our best interest. Your faith and belief in God has strengthened. And because you surrender to him you will find that happiness will come to you in abundance. As for Erin she is up there watching you and wanting you to be happy and living life fully.

  3. David, your grieve well my friend. I do know that the spirit does live on. My understanding is, when an animal has experienced love they are there waiting for you. You will see her again. When I have done readings, I have seen their pets come to visit. Know, she is with you and if you sit in a quiet place, you may feel her. Or sometimes you will have a sense of her presence. Or, out of the blue, she will pop into your head. Sometimes they come to you in your for some of these little is a joy to experience, through your story telling, the love you both shared. That my friend is a Gift...

  4. ….and He will wipe away every tear from their eyes; and there will no longer be any death; there will no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain; the first things have passed away.”
    And you, dear David, can rest assured that Erin in awaiting your arrival in heaven. This I believe.
    Love and blessings
    ~ Debra

  5. David, I think it was about ten years ago that I lost Poppy and Kismet, two of my best darling cats, sisters, within 3 1/2 weeks of each other - from different causes! Not only that, but this occurred in the Thanksgiving-Christmas season. I can't even begin to describe the pain, but I know that to you, I don't have to. It was to start the healing process that I began to foster litters of kittens for a rescue organization. And it was through that, that I added one mama cat and a few kittens to my family. I'll be honest, my husband and I still tear up when we speak of Poppy or Kismet, they were that special. But we get great joy from the kitties that followed, and we wouldn't have wanted to miss them for anything. And that is the context in which I now understand the loss of those two precious girls. Their leaving made it possible for us to save these lives. And that foster mama cat I adopted is every bit as special and precious to me as they were, in her own sweet way.

    I'm hoping that one day you, too, will love again. It won't be the same, but it will be good.

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  6. Thank you so much to everyone for your comments. I find the comments full of wisdom, friendship and support, reading them fills me with much happiness and hope for the future as everybody has many great experiences to impart. May God bless everyone!!


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