Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Journey

What a remarkable journey it was
Your life deserves much applause
You were no ordinary creature
If human you'd be a wise teacher

From the countryside you came
The city you staked a claim
You blazed a trail far and wide
With passion and love your guide

Friends were never betrayed
An enemy was never made
With olive branches extended
Your relationships were so splendid

Around the world we traveled
Our thread of love never unraveled
Many sights many sounds
Our time abroad never fails to astounds

An angel in disguise you were
A great therapy dog all concur
The ailing welcomed your touch
Heartbroken were comforted so much

Beautiful in so many ways
Heaven was found in that soulful gaze
An eternity could be spent by your side
My yearning leaves me teary eyed

Time together was a magical dream
All alone I'm being swept downstream
A million memories etched in my brain
Ten million tears have fallen like rain

Your impact is beyond human measure
Our years will always be a sacred treasure
Hope you'll guide me from high above
As my compass will be your beacon of love

Your body is now free of aches and pain
I envision you chasing squirrels in the rain
So glad I was there at the very end
Thus your journey was made with a friend

RIP Erin!! 1998-2010


  1. What a beautiful poem David. Loved it. It encompasses that you and Erin had.

  2. It's so achingly sweet that reading it brings tears to my eyes. I want to share it with all my friends, can I?
    It's wonderful...great poem.

  3. Thank you my friends for the compliments on this ode to Erin. Sulekkha please share it as you desire!!

  4. So heartfelt and beautiful! I feel like I know Erin personally through your posts.


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