Wednesday, March 23, 2011

For Another Day

Seems like yesterday when we met
That fateful day I'll never forget
A liver and white bundle of fur
You caused my heart to stir

You filled the emptiness in my heart
I vowed we would never be apart
Much more than a dog to me
With you I longed for eternity

Together we saw the world
United our adventures unfurled
From Holland to Greece we saw it all
Passports filled we had a ball

Therapy dog for years and years
Your presence ceased the flow of tears
Stage performer and church attendee
You earned an advanced doggie degree

Everyone said you were the best
My pride was hard to suppress
Faults in you couldn't be found
Oh how I worship thy sacred ground

Inseperable to the very end
One could never ask for a better friend
Through thick and thin you were there
A fur angel from above I declare

I would give all for another day
Time moved swiftly without delay
With a blink of the bleary eye
I uttered a tearful goodbye

Dedicated to Erin, my beloved friend and fur angel


  1. Absolutely beautiful and touching tribute. You are a true friend to Erin and a great person, enjoyed reading your poem from the heart.

  2. Dogs is a man bestfriend..nice to know that there is someone like you who really love and treated pet like your's..great poem..


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