Thursday, March 31, 2011

Anatomy of Friendship

A sign of a great friendship is doing nothing with your friend and having the most incredible time of your life. As I reflect upon my years with Erin, seemingly doing nothing was some of the best days we shared; those times were filled with smiles and happiness. There is no monetary amount that I'd choose over an afternoon of sitting under a massive oak tree while she stares upward scanning the branches for any movement from squirrels or other furry critters. Shaking with anticipation, toothy smile exposed, repeatedly chasing the squirrels back where they came from: the happiness she received from those outings was priceless to both of us and remembering those times brings me great joy. While many folks would discount it as dog-lovers nonsense, to me it was a magical time involving two best friends.

It seems the simpler the pleasures the more bliss is gained from the experience. I'm sure everyone has those fantastic memories of walking along the beach, reading poetry together, or cooking a meal side by side; those are the times that emerge from the memory banks instead of a fancy meal at an expensive restaurant or that dream vacation. Enjoying each other’s company without any pretense, the simple act of being together is what makes it so special and that's what comes through from my recollection of time with Erin. Paw in hand we accomplished much, saw some amazing sights across many countries and while I recall those times fondly, it's the quiet times in nature or away from others which stand out.

Lounging on the couch watching television with a snoring Erin upon my lap, idling the day away fishing while she keeps me company, or lazily romping through the woods for no particular reason are fond memories of times when life seemed perfect. Warmth and affection were drawn from those occasions when there was little effort involved, just two creatures that cared about each other. Friendship and love will shine through in any setting or circumstance if it's from the heart and that was always evident in my relationship with Erin. She was well socialized and spent much time around other dogs and people but time amongst ourselves was most memorable; bonds are forged with one on one time and I insisted on plenty with my girl.

Our time together was special and unique but I approached our friendship differently than the majority of dog-human relationships. Most folks fit the dog into their life as time arose and the canine is an afterthought but Erin was my priority, everything else in my life revolved around her. Seeing me drive up the driveway she would dash inside to greet me at the door while I couldn't wait to get home from work to be with her, we loved spending time with each other and the activity or lack of one was of no importance. I honesty believe we could watch paint dry and have the most fun. I'm proud of my friendship with her, it was founded on trust, respect, and loyalty; everyone should be so lucky to have such a friend. RIP Erin!!

"Dogs never lie about love." ~Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson




  1. Your friendship with Erin was so special and beautiful that reading about it makes my eyes turn moist. Only a handful of people can honestly say that they have a friend with whom they can watch paint dry and have the most fun. Wonderful post, David.

  2. You are so right it is the simple pleasures that matters the most and are most precious. Your friendship and the companionship you gave to Erin and she to you is priceless. Lovely post David


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