Saturday, March 26, 2011

Beacon in the Storm

Life is full of stress, challenges, upheavals, and pitfalls; it's part of the human experience and the last 12 years of my existence have been no different in that aspect. The aforementioned human experiences create tension thus we all need someone to befriend us in these times and I'm so thankful Erin filled that role. As the world unfolded around me, she was there through it all to prop me up, lend a floppy ear, or provide a shoulder to cry on, there's no telling the direction of my life without her steadfast friendship and love. There have been many friends and family who rendered support but the only constant during this timeframe has been Erin, she has been the sun as others rotated in my orbit.

Deaths of family members and friends, numerous relocation's within the USA and Europe, changing employment situations, friendship fallouts, romance problems, tense college courses, household and vehicle issues, financial worries, and health woes were softened with Erin as my fur-angel. There are a million other daily events that cause one's blood pressure to rise but thankfully she was there nearly every day during the course of her life, if nothing else her physical presence provided assurance in the face of adversity. She was there regardless of my disposition to console me as only a true friend can and I'm very thankful I had her to lean upon.

Nana was the matriarch of the family, loved and revered by all, and her passing was personally devastating for me. We were kindred spirits and I was arguably her favorite grandkid while the mutual love between her and Erin was a joy to witness thus her death cut deep. Sobbing at the funeral home then going home to find my happy girl waiting at the door for me is permanently etched in my mind, later she laid in my lap where she melted into my chest as I cried into her soft luxurious coat. She would look up to make eye contact and those gentle soulful orbs seemed to say " Don't cry Daddy, everything will be alright." To be in my company was all she desired but Erin was the rock whom I relied upon so many times.

A bursting pipe under the sink not only flooded the kitchen and ruined the flooring but it created tremendous stress and chaos in my life; needless to say I was highly irate and angry with the state of affairs but Erin helped defuse the situation. Despite my foul mood and emotional distress, she wandered over, nudged my hand with her snout and then laid her head in my lap where those ears were gently massaged and so it seems all my worries disappeared . With my focus upon her instead of the disaster in the kitchen, I was able to put things in perspective and realize that the world isn't coming to an end and tomorrow will be better.

Highly attuned she knew when to approach and never did her presence fail to lighten the tension, she possessed a healing power that always eased my burden. Time after time in a variety of circumstances she was my beacon in the storm and I was always guided safely into port. She was a special girl with a remarkable talent of making people feel better and that included me. RIP Erin!!

"Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really." ~Agnes Sligh Turnbull


  1. People say ,dog is a man's best friend but I say ,dog is a man's only friend.Who will be there forever with unconditional love for his master,brimming with it. We are lucky if we have these angels as friends and you are very lucky that you had Erin, she was fantastic.God bless

  2. I have heard so much about and Erin that I needed to visit your blog and see it for myself, read about this beautiful relationship you had with Erin. I go back with a lump in my throat. I have always had dogs and I know how hard it is lose these wonderful darlings with their unconditional love and loyalty. I know Erin will always live on in you, in your heart and you will cherish her for always. Following you now.

  3. I love Erin, your fur-angel. I so thoroughly enjoy your posts and hearing about how she saved the day over and over. Keep those good thoughts always.

  4. Thanks to all for visiting and commenting,glad that there are other dog-lovers who know the importance of these creatures in our life. Love visiting your blogs!!


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